12 October, 2021

Caring for Cast Stone Products

Cast stone products are becoming increasingly popular as part of building aesthetics and structures. Products such as decorative heads, wall plinths and cast stone window cills are often used as part of new builds, but do you know how to maintain and care for them? In this blog, we’ll explain.

Cleaning Cast Stone

In order to maintain cast stone products properly they should be cleaned regularly to avoid a buildup of dirt. As all of our products are external and therefore exposed to the weather elements, dirt and debris soon builds up if your cast stone products aren’t maintained.

Firstly, you’ll need the correct personal protective equipment (PPE). We recommend wearing gloves and goggles to clean your products. Despite what many people may think, the use of a high-pressure hose or jet wash when cleaning your cast stone products is a very bad idea. Doing so can result in damage to the face of the product. 

To clean cast stone we suggest using a mild acid cleaning solution. If you’re cleaning a product located near a window or door, ensure to cover them to avoid damage from the acid. Start off by wetting the stone using clean water, this prevents the stone from absorbing the acid cleaner. Once wet, apply small bits of acid solution across the stone using a soft bristled brush (avoid using wire brushes). Once the full area has been covered, leave on for a minute or two and rinse off with clean water from a hose.

Leave the stone product to dry and inspect the results. If you’re not satisfied with the results you can repeat the process above. 

Natural Defence

Cast stone pier caps and coping stones are often designed as once or twice weathered – this design channels water off the cap or coping to enhance weather protection. They also often feature a drip groove on the underside of the coping to encourage rainfall to drop off rather than track against the brickwork. This is a popular design feature with cast stone pier caps and wall coping protects the brickwork from water damage.

Quality Cast Stone Products

Click Cast Stone supplies a wide range of cast stone products that can be purchased online, available within 4 working days if you select express delivery. If you need more information on our cast stone product range, contact us by call 01909 775 000 or email caststone.orders@ibstock.co.uk.

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