21 March, 2022

Cast Stone Ashlar Blocks or Natural Stone?

Check out our latest article on why ashlar blocks are better to use than natural stone. Buy online today from our ashlar block range.

HEADS Cills Coping
07 March, 2022

What is The Purpose of Cast Stone Cills

Our extensive range of cast stone window cills are available at Click Cast Stone. Click here to find out the purpose of cast stone cills!

21 February, 2022

Using Keystones with Decorative Heads

Cast Stone Keystones can be used in conjunction with Decorative Heads. Click here to find out how you can enhance your window by using these products.

Cast Stone Rebated Ashlar Sleaford 1 Scaled
14 February, 2022

Cast Stone Cill Installation Guide

Looking to replace worn Cast Stone Window Cills or upgrade your window cill set-up? Click here to follow our Cast Stone installation guide!

Cast Stone Rebated Ashlar Lincoln 3 Scaled
23 January, 2022

The Purpose of Pier Caps

Learn about how the different types of Pier Caps and how they're made. They are great additions to properties and this blog explores their purpose in construction.

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18 January, 2022

Difference Between String Courses and Wall Plinths?

We explore the differences of String Courses and Wall plinths and understanding their benefits. Despite their differences, there are many similarities, yet they also serve multiple purposes.

Kennedy Court Audley St Elphins Park
20 December, 2021

Cast Stone String Course Benefits

Quality craftsmanship only at Click Cast Stone! All cast stone products are available from string courses, cornices and more. Call today to get yours.

CILLS Coping
13 December, 2021

Wet Cast Stone Vs Dry Cast Stone

Best quality of Cast stone available at Click Cast Stone! Enquire for quotes and view our range online.

Hadleywood Project
09 December, 2021

Different Processes of Cast Stone Production

We can design to your specification at Click Cast Stone! Our products are manufactured by Forticrete, so contact us for more information.

QUOINS Cills Keystone
07 December, 2021

Click Cast Stone sustainability

Over the years, companies have looked to become more sustainable in sourcing raw materials. Click here to find out how Click Cast Stone are doing all they can.

Others Product
01 December, 2021

Cast Stone entrance features

High quality cast stone entrance features available at Click Cast Stone! Check out our wide range of standard cast stone features in stock today.

Kennedy Court Audley St Elphins Park
30 November, 2021

How durable is Cast Stone?

A cost-effective & alternative to natural stone, Cast Stone is chosen for its durability, strength & versatility. Enquire today for more information!

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23 November, 2021

What is Cast Stone made from?

Cast stone is a type of pre-cast concrete that is used on masonry buildings. Learn more at Click Cast Stone about how cast stone is made!

16 November, 2021

The Benefits of Choosing Cast Stone

Choose the best products at Click Cast Stone! Get in touch with our specialists to discuss the benefits in more detail and order yours today!

09 November, 2021

Understanding Cast Stone Ashlar Blocks

Ashlar blocks are resourceful cast stone products and applied for various purposes. Contact our technical team at Click Cast Stone for more information!

HEADS Cills Coping
02 November, 2021

The difference between Cast Stone decorative heads and stone lintels

What's the difference between cast stone decorative heads and stone lintels? Find out here at Click Cast Stone!

CILLS Coping
26 October, 2021

Can Cast Stone be used with Natural Stone?

Can cast stone be used in conjunction with natural stone? Discover more about cast stone, natural stone at Click Cast Stone today!

QUOINS Cills Keystone
19 October, 2021

The Purpose of Quoin Stones

Quoin stones help make structures and buildings look beautiful, but is this their only purpose? Find out here as we look deeper in to quoin stones.

Kennedy Court Audley St Elphins Park
19 October, 2021

What is a Cast Stone Wall Plinth?

Have you ever wondered what the difference between a cast stone wall plinth and regular plinth is? Click here to find out.

12 October, 2021

Caring for Cast Stone Products

Cast stone products are becoming increasingly popular as part of building aesthetics and structures but how do you care for them? Find out here.

String Course Product
05 October, 2021

A Brief History of Cast Stone

The earliest record of cast stone dates back as far as ancient Rome when pozzolanic cement was used. How has it evolved since? Click here to find out!

28 September, 2021

The Difference Between Cast Stone and Natural Stone

Choosing the materials for your upcoming building project can be a troublesome task. Here we look at the difference between cast stone and natural stone.

Others Product
21 September, 2021

Using Pier Caps to Enhance Your Property

Cast stone pier caps are a popular addition to properties with homeowners using them to improve the look of their property. Find out more here.

HEADS Cills Coping
14 September, 2021

Different Types of Cast Stone Cills

If you’re in the market to purchase cast stone cills, by now you will be aware that there are many options available. In today’s blog, we’ll look at the different types of cast stone cills available and when they should be used.

CILLS Coping
07 September, 2021

Cast Stone Product Guide

Cast stone products provide architects with high-quality features when designing new buildings. View our cast stone product guide here!

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