14 September, 2021

Different Types of Cast Stone Cills

If you’re in the market to purchase cast stone cills, by now you will be aware that there are many options available. In today’s blog, we’ll look at the different types of cast stone cills available and when they should be used.

There are two types available to purchase, stooled cills and slip cills at Click Cast Stone. The type of stone cill you use comes down to what type of look you prefer and to what type of window you are using the cill with.

Cast stone stooled window cill

Stooled Cills

Stooled cills have a stooling of approximately 102.5mm at each end of the window built into the wall, which is the traditional look. Stooled cills are installed when the building is constructed. This type of cill can be used in a brickwork wall or a rendered wall: see listings of stooled cills and stooled cills for render.

Cast stone stooled cills are available to buy online.

Slip Cills

click cast stone slip cill

Stone slip cills come without any stooling and sit between the reveals.  They can be installed when the building is constructed or installed afterwards. Slip cills are also used with bay windows along with either 90 degree or 135 degree returns: see listings.

Cast stone slip cills are available to buy online and you can install them yourself by following our cill installation guide.

Click Cast Stone Cills

When It comes to cast stone cills, we offer the perfect solutions. All of our stone cills are manufactured by market leader Forticrete using high grade limestone and sandstone aggregates that have been chosen for their known performance and reliable quality. The cement, pigments and waterproofing admixtures all conform to their appropriate British or European Standard.

For more information on our stone cills, contact us through our enquiry form. Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected] or call 01909 775 000. One of our experienced advisors will be happy to help. If you’re looking to purchase stone cills, please take a look at our online shop.

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