19 October, 2021

The Purpose of Quoin Stones

Quoin stones help make structures and buildings look beautiful but is this their only purpose? In this blog post we’ll look deeper at quoin stones.

quoin stones for houses

Cast Stone Quoin Stones

Quoin stones are masonry blocks used at the corner of a wall. They can be built into walls constructed of bricks, cast stone ashlars or a rendered wall. Using cast stone quoins will accentuate the corners giving an impression of strength and make your building more distinctive. We recommend using cast stone quoins as a great way of framing a building, whilst adding extra detail.

Cast Stone Quoin Stones are available in different formats. At Click Cast Stone we stock our popular plain 90-degree quoin stone types Q2 (330/215 x 100 x 215) and Q5 Quoins (440/215 x 100 x 215) in Bath colour. 

Are Quoin Stones Structural

Structural quoin stones provide additional strength to a building’s structure but are also available as a non-structural product. These are what we supply at Click Cast Stone, purely for aesthetic purposes, but also offering some protection against the weather elements.

Contact Our Cast Stone Quoin Stone Experts

At Click Cast Stone we also supply a range of cast stone decorative heads, string course and wall plinths which work well with quoins. If you have a bespoke product such as chamfered quoins, or wish to talk about your upcoming project in more detail, please contact one of our technical advisors. To contact us, call 01909 775000 or e-mail [email protected]  Samples are available if you wish to test the quality and colour of our cast stone products.

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