07 June, 2022

Tackle Nature Loss With Our New Cast Stone Bat And Swift Boxes

Encouraging safe spaces for wildlife is vital in combatting the decline of wildlife across the UK. 

Earlier this year Ibstock unveiled its EcoHabitat range, a suite of clay and concrete products to help promote biodiversity in both new-build developments and RMI. We have bought two of those EcoHabitat products to Click Cast Stone. Keep reading to find out more about our cast stone bat and swift boxes.

Cast Stone EcoHabitats for Bats

cast stone bat habitat

The UK is home to 17 species of bat, all of which are protected by law, Britain’s bat population are well protected to preserve their vital role in the nation’s eco-system. The smallest and most common of the species is the Pipistrelle bat, a crevice dweller that roosts in small colonies.

Our enclosed concrete Bat Box provides a secure habitat for Pipistrelle bats, replicating the type of environment they would seek in nature. Featuring a conventional cast stone front face, combined with internally sawn and roughened high grade plywood, the Bat Box provides a safe haven for bats and is suitable for both new build and retrofit applications.

Where to place your cast stone Bat Box

Bat boxes should be placed in areas which has the most access to sunlight (usually south, south-east or south-west) and should be mounted as high as possible to try and avoid predation from cats on the ground or nearby structures (approximately 4 metres above the ground). On buildings, concrete bat boxes should be placed as close to the eaves as possible.

Cast Stone EcoHabitats for Swifts

cast stone integrated swift box

Each year more than 59,000 pairs of swifts migrate to the UK from Central and Southern Africa, reuniting annually at the same nesting site. However, the swift population continues to decline with the species currently on the Red UK conservation status. This is due, in part, to modern buildings failing to provide a suitable nesting site, due to the effective sealing of eaves.

The solution, a cast stone hollow swift box which can be mortared into the external leaf of a cavity wall, creating a secure, weather resistant and attractive finish while remaining accessible to swifts.

With swifts favouring urban areas as habitat, our concrete swift box has been designed to provide a safe haven for pairs to return and nest in.

Where to place your cast stone Swift Box

Your Swift Box should be positioned at least 5 metres above ground, under an overhand or as close to the eaves as possible, for protection. As swifts fly directly into their nesting areas there should be clear adjacent airspace. Additionally, they should be placed away from branches, climbing plants and aerials to ensure predators are not able to access the box.

The Cast Stone EcoHabitat Range

Manufactured by Forticrete, the Ibstock EcoHabitat range has been specially designed to be as unobtrusive and easy-to-install. At Click Cast Stone we supply concrete bat and swift boxes in our popular Bath colour and are available in one size. Shop our cast stone EcoHabitat products today. For more information about our other clay and concrete EcoHabitat products please visit https://www.forticrete.co.uk/ecohabitat-products. If you require further assistance or would like more information about our EcoHabitat cast stone products please email [email protected].

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