20 December, 2021

Cast Stone String Course Benefits

String Courses are projecting courses (usually horizontal) that are built into the external walls. They have been used in nearly all styles of Western Architecture, including the Classical and Renaissance periods as well as on modern buildings, both traditional and contemporary. They can be located wherever the designer wishes, but are often used at floor levels to differentiate between floors or on the same line as the cast stone window cills, though the cill and string profiles would need to coordinate. Cast stone wall plinths are available to use at the base of the building.

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String Courses to Enhance Your Property

At Click Cast Stone, there are a variety of string course ranges available to match your client’s requirements. String course is stocked online and is available within 4 working days using our express delivery service.

Our standard product range includes:

Alternatively, you can order string courses on a bespoke basis using a highly specified cast stone mix. One of our most popular cast stone string course colours is Bath and can be used alongside other products such as quoin stones and wall plinths.

The benefits of installing a string course is not only will it break up the expanse of brick or stone walling, but will add a decorative feature that will enhance the aesthetics of the building.

At Click Cast Stone we provide our popular stone SC1 String Course in 890mm long units along with 90 degree internal and external corner units. Alternatively, you can discuss your requirement with our Customer Services Team.

Solutions with Click Cast Stone

For more information on Cast Stone String Courses please contact us on 01909 775000 or by e-mailing [email protected]  Order cast stone products online for delivery within 4 working days by selecting express delivery when checking out. Alternatively, you can order samples to test the quality of our cast stone products.

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