18 January, 2022

Difference Between String Courses and Wall Plinths?

Introduction to String Course

A String Course is a projecting course, usually horizontal, that is built into an external wall. Cast Stone String Courses are beautiful to look at and they break up large areas of brickwork or stonework. They can be incorporated wherever the designer wishes but are often used at floor level to differentiate one floor from another. They can also be used on the same line as the window cill, although the cills and stone string course would need to coordinate.

cast stone plinths from click cast stone, manufactured by forticrete

Introduction to Wall Plinths

A Stone Wall Plinth is a projection at the base of a construction which can be constructed of brickwork, stone or cast stone.  Our Cast Stone Wall Plinth units are used at the top of the plinth where there is a change of thickness in the wall.  A run of Cast Stone Wall Plinth units will differentiate the plinth below from the wall above, especially when used in a brick wall.

How String Course and Wall Plinths Differ

The difference between a Cast Stone String Course and a Wall Plinth course is that the string course is a projecting course that breaks up an expanse of brick or stone and the Wall Plinth course is located at the top of a plinth where there is a change of thickness in the wall.

Cast Stone Wall Plinths are available in a variety of sizes and work well with other products such as Quoins and String Courses. Overall, String Courses and Wall Plinths serve different purposes despite their similarities.

Benefits of String Courses and Wall Plinths

String Courses are used in nearly all styles of Western architecture in both traditional to contemporary styles. Both Cast Stone String Courses and Wall Plinth Units are architectural features that not only break up expanses of brick or stonework but can be provided in different profiles and colours which can add to their decorative qualities.

String Course and Wall Plinths from Click Cast Stone

At Click Cast Stone we provide our popular SC1 String Course in 890mm long units along with 90 degree internal and external corner units.  Likewise, we provide our popular PL1 Cast Stone Wall Plinth unit in 890mm lengths along with 90 degree internal and external Wall Plinth corner units.

All String Course and Wall Plinths are made from high-quality materials and manufactured by market leaders, Forticrete. For more information on String Courses and Cast Stone Wall Plinths, please contact us on 01909 775 000 or by emailing [email protected]. Order products online for delivery within 4 working days when selecting our express delivery when checking out. Alternatively, you can order samples to test the quality of our cast stone products.

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