13 December, 2021

Wet Cast Stone vs Dry Cast Stone

Amongst Wet Cast Stone and Dry Cast Stone, many people select the type of Cast Stone based on many attributes. Some of which are costs, appearance, and its usability. Many opt for dry cast concrete in order to achieve particular looks in residential projects. Despite this, they are used for larger commercial projects as they are exposed to heavy loads and traffic.

Wet Cast favour residential projects as there’s more flexibility and options with design for interior and exterior spaces. It’s also strong enough to withstand wear and tear.

Understanding Wet and Dry Cast Stone

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In order to fully understand wet and dry cast stone, it is imperative to know about its characteristics. The main characteristic is Slump, it’s a texture of the concrete before it cures depending on the amount of water has been used.

The term slump comes from when the concrete mixture is poured into a mould, removing it from the mould, observing its form/slump. Concrete that has a high slump is effectively pourable from machineries used to make the mixture.

Concrete that has a low or no slump, holds its shape straight after it’s been removed from the mould. Now we know what the term slump is, we can then go on to explain the differences between dry and wet cast concrete. The whole wet cast vs dry cast debacle is based on how much water is in the mix and how much slump each type of concrete has.

Differences of Wet and Dry Cast Stone

The best way to analyse and understand wet and dry cast stone really boils down to the manufacturing process. Wet cast concrete is a mixture that looks like a thick liquid paste. Wet cast concrete is poured into a mould and air bubbles are released from the mix through vibration. The mould gets stripped after concrete has been cured.

Dry cast concrete has the right amount of water to hydrate the cement. It uses complex machinery, and produces products like concrete pipes, blocks, manholes etc. This mix is solidified in a mould, using very high pressure. It is then cured on a rack before being processed.

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