26 August, 2022

The Life Expectancy of Cast Stone Products

Cast Stone is widely known as a great alternative to natural stone. It’s cheaper to manufacture and, due to the manufacturing process, products can be created a lot quicker. If you’re looking to buy Cast Stone products, you may be wondering what the life expectancy is. Luckily, you’re in the right place as we’ll be looking at how long Cast Stone lasts in today’s blog.

Cast Stone Standards

chamfered decorative heads

Standard and bespoke Cast Stone products with all dimensions 650mm or less are manufactured and UKCA marked in accordance with BS EN 771-5 for the intended use in walls, columns, and partitions. Our Cast Stone Structural stone Decorative Heads are UKCA marked in accordance with BS EN 845-2 – Lintels. All other Cast Stone products that are larger than 650mm, are manufactured to BS 1217 for which Forticrete has a BSI Kitemark (Certificate KM45767).  These units are not UKCA marked.

For products that are UKCA marked, full Declarations of Performance can be seen at www.ibstockdeclarations.co.uk.

Cast Stone Maintenance

To prevent deterioration of the cast stone components, the building must be regularly maintained with special regard to gutters, downpipes and watercourses. Cast Stone units should be cleaned in accordance with Forticrete recommendations.

Does Cast Stone Weather?

Cast Stone will weather in a similar way to natural stone in similar circumstances, considering factors such as design, detailing and exposure. Over an extended time period we would expect natural weathering to have some aesthetic impact on the appearance of the product; this will not, however, affect the structural integrity of the product.

How Long Does Cast Stone Last?

If Cast Stone products are installed in accordance with our recommendations, the relevant codes and the building is maintained as described above, then the expected life of Cast Stone product is the design life of the building.

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