02 November, 2021

The difference between Cast Stone decorative heads and stone lintels

Cast Stone decorative heads are non-structural and designed features to enhance a property. A stone lintel is used for construction purposes, to provide support to the build and maintenance of a building.

Decorative Heads vs Stone Lintels

As briefly highlighted, decorative heads are mainly used to enhance the appearance of buildings whereas stone lintels are primarily used to provide structural support to construction projects. Stone lintels are often used with larger building projects where structural support is required.

Cast stone heads are produced in a range of sizes to suit the requirements of the masonry finish. Depending on the design and structure of the building, cast stone heads are either decorative or reinforced. Reinforced heads are delivered as self-supporting building materials. Unlike decorative heads, reinforced heads are able to shift the weight from the above structure in the same way as structured lintels do.

Decorative Chamfered Head

Choosing cast stone decorative heads for masonry projects

There are a variety of decorative head designs to choose from. The choice is usually aesthetically pleasing after the structural elements have been factored into the project. Cast Stone decorative heads are available from Click Cast Stone in a range of different styles:

Cast Stone Decorative Heads from Stock

Here at Click Cast Stone, we stock a range of high-quality decorative head products. If you’re looking for professional advice on decorative cast stone heads please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01909 775 000 or by emailing [email protected]. Our highly experienced team are on hand to help you with all your cast stone requirements.

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